Managed SoC Services

Tothus INC has formed partnerships with leading technology vendors to enhance its managed SoC services by integrating cutting-edge solutions such as SIEM Next-Gen, Antivirus Next-Gen, EDR, XDR, and Vulnerability Management. These collaborations empower our clients to augment their cybersecurity posture, providing them with increased visibility and control over safeguarding their crucial digital assets.

Why Should You Hire?

SOC models
SoC On Premise
SoC on Cloud

SoC on Premise

Security brings extensive expertise in Security Operation Center (SOC) operations, leveraging consultants skilled in SIEM technologies, risk management, and threat detection.

We at Tothus INC Security handle all phases of SOC implementation projects, beginning with setup and configuration of data collection logs, custom rule editing for effective security monitoring, and culminating in the development of incident response plans.

Soc on Cloud

Utilizing connections across various platforms, our Security Operations Center (SOC) can gather data logs securely via VPN connections, facilitating effective security monitoring and event correlation.

Supported by an enhanced database that aligns with attacker techniques, tactics, and procedures, our security monitoring encompasses both Infrastructure and Application areas.

Micro SoC

Tothus INC Security provides MICRO SoC Services, integrating predictive analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, synergized with threat intelligence.

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